About Our Fabrics

Mayer Fabrics has an extensive textile line suitable for corporate, hospitality, healthcare, retail, institutional and congregational environments. Click on the PRODUCT SEARCH TAB to explore our products. Simply hit the search button to see our library in its entirety or narrow your search by fabric type, color, pattern or price.

For more than 100 years, Mayer Fabrics has focused on selling the highest quality contract textiles constructed to perform as required in their respective environments. By employing rigorous testing measures while setting high performance standards, rest assured, every product from Mayer Fabrics will be a solid performer in its environment.

Current Mayer Fabrics binders include:
Seating Fabrics - One (Environmental and Performance products are included in Seating 1-4)
Seating Fabrics - Two
Seating Fabrics - Three
Seating Fabrics - Four
Premier Collection Seating Fabrics (Lucia Cassa, StuArt and Alexander Julian)
Seating Fabrics - Woven Crypton 1
Seating Fabrics - Woven Crypton 2
Seating Fabrics - Vinyl
Seating Fabrics - Faux Leather
Seating Fabrics - Leather
Panel Fabrics
Privacy Curtains

Drapilux Drapery Program - Coming Soon. Samples are available now upon request.