November, 14 2022 | 2 min read

This winter’s product launches take shape with the additions of several new patterns created with a strong sustainability message and high-performance story.

Mayer exclusive patterns Discovery, Shift and Truss are three PFAS-free printed coated patterns set to launch in December/January 2023. High visual interest and trendy designs set these patterns apart. Like all of Mayer’s vinyl selections, these three patterns offer substantial abrasion resistance and bleach cleanable attributes.

Launching February/March 2023, is Mayer’s Axis Collection, comprised of 100 % recycled polyester patterns Connect, Fractal, Loop and Vertex. The Axis Collection is an interpretation of the simplistic beauty of mixing certain shapes, lines and curves together. The overall color palette for these unique patterns ranges from soft, soothing neutrals to rich, saturated jewel tones.

Memo sampling and complete specifications will be available soon.


Discovery is an exclusive Mayer vinyl design printed on a dense circular double-knit polyester fabric and protected by a phthalate free clear vinyl top, for the utmost performance. Available in 6 colorways.


Constructed with an ultra-soft hand, Shift is a vinyl unlike any other. An exclusive Mayer woven texture design is printed on a dense circular double-knit polyester fabric and protected by a phthalate free clear vinyl top, for added performance. Shift is a complementary pattern to Discovery. Available in 12 colorways.


Truss’ subtle linear ground is accented with an overlay of diverting lines. The chain link effect is highlighted by complementing accent tones that create an energizing multi-colored 100% vinyl pattern. Available in 7 colorways.


Woven in 100% recycled polyester, Connect, unique repeating hexagon shapes that link together to create a clean yet complex multicolored jacquard design. Available in 9 colorways.


Large in scale, Fractal is a multi-colored 100% recycled polyester jacquard where each geometric shape appears to ebb and flow into one another to create the appearance of a never-ending pattern. Available in 5 colorways.


Woven in 100% recycled polyester and considered small in scale, Loop is a sequence of micro circles that repeat and form small clusters of connected areas within the overall design. Available in 15 colorways.


A mid-scale jacquard woven in 100% recycled polyester, Vertex, like its name, is a network of lines that intersect at every angle. Available in 9 colorways.

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