• Honoring the iconic folk art from Alexander Girard, Wonderlust
    encapsulates his unique desire to contextualize objects and places to
    a specific identity or piece of design history. Read More

    Introducing. Wonderlust.
  • The Renewal Collection is an intricate solution-dyed nylon collection
    of upholstery fabrics designed by Kimberle Frost. The six patterns
    utilize the most innovative solution-dyed yarn technology and a
    skilled approach to weaves and color. Beautiful and refined yet
    durable, UV resistant and bleach cleanable. We are thrilled to
    announce the Renewal Collection won Best of NeoCon Silver in
    Chicago, 2017. Read More

    The Renewal Collection
  • The Stitch Collection, designed by Jeremy Noonan is the
    result of an exciting collaboration between Mayer Fabrics,
    Common Thread For The Cure, Valdese Weavers and
    Crypton. Inspired by stitching, patching and mending
    techniques that are found throughout history of textiles, this
    assortment of performance fabrics features Crypton’s
    non-fluorinated option C-Zero Plus Moisture Barrier, and
    celebrates the restorative qualities of the human spirit. In the
    same spirit, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the
    Common Thread For The Cure Foundation’s Helping Hand
    Grants Program. The Stitch Collection is a HiP Award
    Honoree from NeoCon, 2017. Read More

    The Stitch Collection
  • The Anatolia Collection features lush chenille upholstery fabrics
    inspired by the rich and opulent cultures of Anatolia, considered to
    be one of the great crossroads of ancient civilization. Classic
    beauty with high performance makes this textural collections
    perfect for exclusive hospitality and commercial projects.
    Read More

    The Anatolia Collection
  • Stop by our Chicago showroom to see our latest
    collections! We're on the 11th floor, Suite #1173.

    See Us In Chicago!
  • The Vollis Simpson Collection is inspired by the unique work of folk artist, Vollis Simpson. From metal scraps to massive metal art sculptures, Mayer Fabrics and Sunbrella® Contract capture the magic in 6 patterns and a full range of color options.
    Read More

    The Vollis Simpson Collection
  • The Fiesta Collection presents a refreshing palette in two
    signature multicolored patterns along with three coordinating
    textures. Art Deco-inspired graphics in bold, bright colors
    and velvety elegance combine to add a high-performance
    flair. Read More

    The Fiesta Collection
  • The Allure Collection introduces an exciting new fabric
    category with an initial offering of three drapery fabrics.
    Totaling 60 SKus in all, Allure emulates the look of silk while
    offering three distinctive color stories as well as unique
    textural characteristics. Read More

    The Allure Collection
  • The Kindred Collection introduces three new privacy curtain
    designs. Featuring beautiful color balance in soothing and subtle
    tones, organic design elements help to exude a sense of natural
    healing in each of three distinct patterns. Read More

    The Kindred Collection
  • The Showtime Vinyl Collection combines the beauty of multi-colored,
    geometric designs with the high-performance of a PBG+ bleach
    cleanable vinyl. Two distinct patterns featuring SILVERGUARD
    antimicrobial technology are suitable for corporate, healthcare,
    entertainment, education, and most public spaces. Read More

    The Showtime Collection
  • Inspired by global design, the Imagine Collection adds vibrance
    and versatility for both indoor and outdoor environments. Imagine
    features Sunbrella® Contract solution-dyed yarns. Read More

    The Imagine Collection

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