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Another Day in Paradise is part of the Mayer Fabrics performance category—enhanced by the Environmental Impact Crypton and Crypton Green Collection. Five Crypton Green patterns and one Crypton pattern with high recycled polyester yarn content make a design impact as well as an environmental one. This versatile collection includes large- and medium-scale patterns as well as a coordinating chenille texture.

Amadeus is an abstract pattern featuring a beautiful, large-scale botanical design in colors ranging from Natural to Vermillion. Amadeus is not considered Crypton Green which requires that a fabric have 60% recycled content. It is close, however, with a yarn content that includes 41% recycled polyester.

Paradise features a classical floral design reminiscent of Italian botanical documents. Grand in scale and sophisticated in construction, Paradise is available in a rich color palette including colors such as Indigo, Persimmon and Green Earth.

Solaris, with its large-scale interplay of undulating lines and circular shapes is further enhanced by a variety of subtle weave elements. This fabric is playful yet sophisticated. Solaris is 100% recycled polyester and considered Crypton Green. The color palette features a range of light and dark neutrals.

Swank is our fabulous new chenille texture in 15 color options ranging from neutral Sandalwood to bright Marigold. The use of subtle color variation between the warp and fill combinations creates visual dimension by accentuating Swank’s grid effect. Swank was designed and colored to work with fabrics throughout our new and existing Crypton offering.

Tangram represents colorful geometry on a large scale. The juxtaposition of earthy and jewel tones create a fun and versatile fabric for hospitality, educational or healthcare applications.

Whimsy is a delight with randomly placed leaves and petals creating a medium-scale foliage design. It’s available in 9 colors from neutral Sandalwood to vibrant Tiger Lilly.