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The collection StuArt features a fun yet functional collection of five Trevira CS upholstery fabrics based on 1960’s and 1970’s paintings and color studies by designer Stu Stiller. The StuArt Collection represents a culmination of Stu’s work in textiles. Robert Indiana and Andy Warhol influenced Stu’s work, which has its own unique op art/pop-art quality.

The patterns are characterized by bold graphics and vivid colors. A strong Bauhaus influence is also apparent in the use of modern architectural elements that transfer nicely from artwork to textile. The fabrics are constructed from  high performance Trevira CS, a beautiful yarn that is inherently flame retardant and environmentally friendly without any chemical treatments.

Eleanor Rigby was inspired by the song and statue of Eleanor Rigby — “all the lonely people, where do they all come from.” Characterized by motion and harmony, this fabric uses a crepe weave for added texture an d interest and features colors Electric Blue and Mojave.

Hole in One, with its golf inspiration, utilizes and interesting mix of weave effects creating pockets of twill an fancy crepe weaves. Colors are blended through layering creating combinations like Everglade, Passion and Caribbean.

Hopsack is a tribute to many of the classic plain weaves of the past. Contrasting colors as well as more tonal ones are featured ranging from neutral Beach to brights like Citronella and Wildberry. Hopsack serves as the coordinate to all of the patterns in the StuArt collection.

Rock & Roll was originally named Hillscape and was later named Rock & Roll once it was translated into a textile version. Again, changes in weave effects create added interest. The pattern is wildly abstract in fabulous colors Prairie and Oasis.

Stop & Go features a complex construction that results in an interesting grid with various geometric elements. Highway Gray, Signal Red and Caution Orange are a few of the fun colors.