Quantum Collection (PREVIEW)

Gravity & Relativity

Mayer Fabrics will preview their Quantum Collection at the HCD Expo and BDNY 2019.

The Quantum Collection features new high-performance fabrics Gravity, Relativity, Static, Matter, Molecule and Vector. These new textile offerings are perfect for healthcare, hospitality and other demanding commercial environments where high-performance textiles are a necessity.

HCD Expo, November 2-5, Booth 1033 (floor plan).
The Quantum Collection won the Nightingale Innovation Award.

Healthcare Design Magazine: Jan/Feb Issue 

BDNY, November 10-11, Booth 2707 (floor plan).

Quantum patterns; Gravity, Relativity, and Static represent a new and innovative product category of commercial textiles in which a woven textile is chemically bonded with the durable components of a coated fabric. The technology, trademarked as “Tekloom,” is new to the market and uses TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) to create a “fused” or “hybrid” textile for commercial upholstery. The result is an aesthetically beautiful textural quality with the extreme-performance attributes of a coated material.

• Fabrics are ink and stain-resistant + Write Away®
• Impermeable to liquids
• Bleach cleanable (4:1)
• Exceed 1 million double rubs
• Complies with REACH & California 01350 VOC Standard
• HHI, Antimicrobial, and Antibacterial

Vector & Molecule (polyurethanes)

Patterns MatterMolecule, and Vector are beautifully designed polyurethane-coated fabrics with distinctive emboss and print features. Molecule features an ultrasonic embossed quality with the appearance of an embroidered fabric. A layer of polyester foam between the face and back gives the illusion of matelassé. Vector is a polycarbonate-based polyurethane coated fabric that features a metallic linear design based on a structural grid of axis points. The second layer of polyurethane is applied to create more complex colors and added dimensional qualities. Both Molecule and Vector received high Wyzenbeek as well as hydrolysis test results. All Quantum Collection fabrics are Graffiti free, DMF, Phthalate, and Fr/Anti-Microbial Additive-free.

The Quantum Collection will officially launch in the second quarter of 2020. Product sampling and complete specification information are not currently available. Questions? Please contact marketing@mayerfabrics.com.