September, 29 2022 | 2 min read

100% of Crypton Fabrics will be PFAS-Free beginning October 1, 2022.

In 2020, Crypton reduced the fluorine in its formulation for Crypton Fabrics and Crypton Home Fabrics to a trace 0.1% while providing the highest levels of stain repellency and resistance. As a trusted brand for 29 years, Crypton is now proactively changing its formulation to 0% fluorine (aka PFAS-free) while maintaining the excellent high performance customers expect.

What is Fluorine?

Fluorine is a common element found in many of the products we use daily—toothpaste to clothing, cookware to smartphones—because it delivers the superior performance consumers demand.

Fluorine comes in many types, with concerning fluorines such as PFOA (C8) and PFOS. High performance fabrics rely on fluorine to repel oil-based stains like chocolate, pizza, salad dressings, grease, etc. While there is no other known option for oil-repellency, there is the responsible choice for manufacturers to minimize fluorine to reduce environmental impact.

How Does This Affect Cleanability?

After October 1st, 2022 removal of oil-based liquids and stains are cleanable with the proper attention. Immediately addressing oil-based spills and referencing the fabric’s cleaning instructions will help to ensure that stains are removed.

The upside is Crypton PFAS-free technology is superior to most—compounded in-house to their specifications for enhanced oil removal.

Why The Change?

Crypton’s upcoming transition to PFAS-Free fabrics is a proactive, environmental decision of pending legislation that will change the offerings in many industries.

How did Crypton lower the fluorine content in their fabrics?

With 29 years of determination and dedication of Crypton’s on-site team of chemists. The breakthrough to achieving fluorine-free technology was led by the innovation creating the C-Zero technology, featuring their state-of-the-art fluorine-free, soil-repellent technology. 

What is Crypton C-Zero?

Award winning, C-Zero offers superior resistance and repellency to water-based stains. Mayer Fabrics was one of the first companies to provide C-Zero collections years before the industry-wide transition to the proprietary PFAS-Free technology. You can learn more on our Crypton page.

For more information, view the official statement from Crypton or visit their FAQ page.

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