Mayer Fabrics products offer a comprehensive range of finishes for our textiles. Whether for hospitality, healthcare, corporate or government, no matter what your needs, Mayer Fabrics has a variety of high-performance fabrics for every environment.

Mayer Fabrics list of Finishes

CRYPTON® Technology

Crypton® is engineered to resist liquids, water-based stains, and odors. Crypton® uses an integrated, patented barrier that guarantees nothing can penetrate through to the cushion. The patented technology is 100% fluorine free.


Crypton® Green fabrics are third-party-certified, high performance upholstery with recycled content fiber and all the performance characteristics of Crypton® Super Fabrics. The patented technology is 100% fluorine free.


GreenShield is a low-fluorocarbon nanoparticle based finish that provides water & oil repellency and stain resistance in a single finish. The nanoparticle technology utilizes 10 times less fluorocarbons than other finishes, contains no PFOS or PFOA fluorochemicals and is a non-emitter, releasing no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). GreenShield permanently adheres to a fabric in a mesh network that prevents the particles from becoming airborne and does not change the fabrics natural look or feel.


INCASE fabric protection powered by Crypton® is a stain, odor and silver microbial-resistant treatment that is perfect for applications where a moisture barrier isn’t necessary.

MAYER Moisture Barrier

A new and innovative healthcare soil and stain-repellent, Mayer Moisture Barrier inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, fungus, and mildew.


Nanocide™ is an extremely effective, environmentally friendly and non-toxic antimicrobial. The nanotechnology and process we developed permanently places or embeds the nanoparticles into the surface area of the fabric.


Nanoguard® is a film barrier to prevent the passage of fluids and stains. Nanotex + NanoGuard provide a complete, resistant solution. Cannot be added to fabrics that contain PFAS.

NANO-TEX® powered by CRYPTON

Nano-Tex® delivers permanent textile protection that preserves the natural hand of the fabric, repels spills and stains, improves abrasion performance and is environmentally friendly. Cannot be added to fabrics that contain PFAS.


This proven vinyl protective coating is engineered to create a tough, effective barrier against the biggest problems encountered in healthcare and hospitality environments - abrasion and stains.


PERMAGUARD® is a barrier coating that makes maintenance easy. Most difficult stains are effortlessly cleaned with a dry tissue, while stubborn soiling may be eliminated with a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water. It provides unequaled resistance to scratches, scuffs and abrasion.


This vinyl finish resists staining, abrasion and chemicals. Remove ordinary dirt and smudges with a mild soap and water solution and a clean, soft cloth or towel.


Resilience offers superior stain resistance that is Phthalate-Free with a soft supple hand.

SILVERGUARD® Silver Ion Technology

SilverGuard® is a natural environmentally friendly bacteria-fighting defense to inhibit odor and stain causing bacteria. The technology is EPA registered and FDA approved.


This performance finish resists staining. Mild soap and water solution removes dirt easily.


Sunbrella fabrics’ performance fabrics maintain their color and strength through normal wear, exposure to natural light and the elements, and cleaning. PFOA & PFOS Free.


Supreen’s stain repellent technology is free of fluorocarbon. Instead, a proprietary silicone blend is embedded in the fiber to protect against liquids and stains. This PFC- and PFOA-free technology makes it more friendly to the environment—and human health.


Tekloom, referred to as TPE (TPE stands for Thermo Plastic Elastomer) is a high-performance fused textile that is environmentally friendly and free of PFC (perfluorinated compounds), FR (flame retardants), anti-bacterials, DMF/PVC/Phthalates, Red List chemicals and complies with Prop 65. A woven textile is chemically bonded with the durable components of a coated fabric to create an innovative fused textile. Tekloom is a new product category, a hybrid of a woven textile and coated fabric. It combines the aesthetic of woven textile with the high-performance characteristic of coated fabrics to create a fused textile. It is ink and stain resistant, impermeable to liquids, bleach cleanable making it suitable for all high-traffic, performance applications. Other competitive products treat the existing textiles with a top-coat finishing and provide a liquid barrier to protect the foam underneath, not covering the most important woven textile itself. Tekloom is engineered to have these performance attributes on the surface to enhance the lifespan and durability of the product. Almost all other stain resistant textiles use PFC based temporary liquid repellant treatment, allowing for everyday use to wear away the protective coating. Tekloom is carefully engineered to include the performance attributes when created, enabling the performance characteristics of the textile to uphold for the lifespan of the product. It can be used on all indoor upholstery applications for a wide range of high-traffic interiors. Tekloom is suitable for restaurants, senior living facilities, healthcare environments, and all interiors that require high-performance textiles.


WRITE AWAY ink resistant technology offers a unique repel & release stain inhibiting system without sacrificing the elegant look or feel of the product. WRITE AWAY was initially introduced as a product collection of Berkshire, Bolero, Cascade, Longhorn, Palermo, and Rift. Now, the WRITE AWAY name finds its way into coated products as a finish and coating-technology throughout the Mayer line.

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