Mayer Fabrics is committed to providing continuing education courses for architects and designers. We currently offer virtual Mayer sponsored courses and many ACT courses. Each course is one hour and are approved by the Interior Design Continuing Education Council (IDCEC) for CEU credits.

For information on the courses listed below please contact your Mayer Textile Specialist or email

Journey of a Textile by Mayer Fabrics

General Knowledge Credit

This course will take you on a journey through the development process, from start to finish, of a woven textile. Each stage of the process; the initial inspiration of a design, how a yarn is manufactured dyed and utilized, the importance of the loom and weaving, to other considerations like performance guidelines and finishing, will be explored and explained.

Natural Steps in the Evolution of Textiles by Mayer Fabrics

IDCEC + HSW Credit

This course explores our relationship with nature in co-creating textiles since time immemorial. Through the ages, man has been inspired by nature’s examples. Today we look to nature for design solutions that will address adverse environmental challenges. Textiles provide unique opportunities. Biophilia, biomimicry, biomimetics, bio-based synthesis, and bio-fabrication are design practices that we embrace as we endeavor to create textiles for a sustainable world.

Specifying Textiles for Success

General Knowledge Credit

Expand your knowledge to better select textiles that meet demanding and often conflicting performance criteria, while also creating beautiful interiors. This CEU includes examples of common field failures, explains why they occurred and offers guidance for avoiding them.

Uncovering Coated Fabrics

HSW Credit

Improve your ability to confidently and appropriately select coated fabric for your projects. This CEU provides a detailed look at the ACT Voluntary Performance Guidelines and how coated fabrics are manufactured. The course also explores flammability guidelines, sustainability requirements, and healthcare cleaning and disinfection protocols.

ACT: How to Specify Coated Fabrics for Healthcare Upholstered Seating

HSW Credit

Get a handle on recommendations and considerations for assessing a coated fabric’s suitability in challenging healthcare settings. This CEU, based on ACT’s selection and testing guides for healthcare, digs deep into four key areas: Durability and Performance; Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfection; Furniture Design and Manufacturing; and Material Ingredients/Chemical Transparency.

Facts: The Sustainability Certification Program for Commercial Furnishings Fabric

HSW Credit

Learn how a Facts certification mark helps you quickly understand the environmental, economic, and social aspects of a textile. This CEU explores the rigors of the multi-attribute NSF/ANSI 336 standard, which is the foundation of the program, and explains the degrees of achievement through third-party certification.

CEU Fact Sheet

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