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Tekloom® Patterns Static and Gravity from the Quantum Collection

The technology, trademarked as Tekloom®, is new to the market and uses TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) to create a “fused” or “hybrid” textile for commercial upholstery. The TPE is chemically bonded to the face of a woven fabric resulting in an aesthetically beautiful textural quality with the extreme-performance attributes of a coated material.

Patterns Gravity, Relativity, and Static from the Quantum Collection are Tekloom® fabrics.

Tekloom Pattern Attributes:

  • WRITE AWAY® – Soil & Stain Resistant with Ink Resistant Technology
  • Graffiti-Free® Tekloom® TPE
  • Impermeable to Liquids
  • Bleach Cleanable
  • 1 Million Double Rubs
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • Complies with REACH
  • California 01350 VOC Standard
  • IMO Certified
  • No DMF or Phthalates
  • No FR/Antimicrobial Additives
  • Meets or Exceeds ACT Standards
  • High-Traffic Areas

No complicated cleaning procedure is required for Tekloom®. All you need is a dry towel and water to clean everyday stains. A standard eraser can be used to remove stains that spill in-between the crevices of the woven product. Water-based or alcohol-based cleaners can be used to help get the toughest stains out. Tekloom® was tested with a variety of cleaners. Please refer to the Tekloom® Cleaning Guide for the detailed list of approved cleaners.

Tekloom® can be disinfected with at 9:1 bleach dilution of water/bleach.

Where can you use Tekloom?

Tekloom® can be used on all indoor upholstery applications for a wide range of high-traffic interiors. Tekloom® is suitable for restaurants, senior living facilities, healthcare environments, and all interiors that require high-performance textiles.

Tekloom® by Mayer Fabrics

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