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The Craftsman Collection: Empire + Omega + Prospect + Spartan, is a curated offering of versatile coated fabrics, each telling a unique narrative, emphasizing beauty, performance, and durability.  A robust grouping of four coated textiles, includes two artisan leather look polyurethanes, a modern-day medical grade silicone, and an indoor/outdoor phthalate free vinyl that acts as a jack-of-all-trades. These coated fabrics have a quality that is forged, refined, and systematically crafted to stand up in any upholstery applications.

o High-Performance Upholstery Solutions

o Essential Textile Solutions

o Beauty & Durability

o High Traffic Abrasion 

o Bleach Cleanable (1:9)

o Prop 65 Compliant

o Reduced Envrionmental Impact – No FR Additives, Lead / Heavy Metal Free, No Conflict Minerals
BPA free / Tris free / Formaldehyde Free, PFAS Free, No Antimicrobials / Antibacterial Additives

Let the mastery of the Craftsman Collection tell the story of profound design and be the foundation in all your upholstery projects.

Empire Silicone

A uniquely embossed surface texture and advanced technology plays into the soft hand and aesthetically pleasing appeal of this silicone fabric. In addition to its appealing allure, Empire is a medical grade silicone that meet the most stringent demands of commercial interiors without the addition of flame retardants, antibacterial and antimicrobial additives, or surface finishes.


Sophisticated in style, performance and durability, Omega is the perfect choice for high traffic areas. The understated patina effect and supple hand add to the refinement of its 18 classic leather colorways.


Prospect is a sleek polycarbonate featuring a smooth refined grain emboss giving the fabric a look of casual meets comfort. Colorways work in both modern and transitional interior spaces, making it suitable for all markets.


Spartan, with its leather like grain, is the ultimate performance vinyl, engineered for indoor, outdoor, and marine upholstery. Offering outstanding solar resistance, as well as resistance to mildew and pink staining. Spartan comes in an array of 35 fresh colorways: incorporating contemporary bright pops of color along with a wide range of neutral classics.

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