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Healthier Hospitals encourages manufacturers to provide information on furniture and fabrics that meet the Healthy Interiors goals of the Safer Chemicals Challenge. Mayer Fabrics supports Healthier Hospitals and the goal of reducing the impact of our products on the environment. The products listed avoid the following classes of chemicals as outlined in Version 2.3 of the Safer Chemicals Challenge for Healthy Interiors: Formaldehyde Per and poly-fluorinated compounds (PFAS) Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Antimicrobials Flame Retardants View HHI Products
… your sales rep to collect on their next visit. Do you still have a relationship with your Alma Mater? We would love for these samples to make their way into the hands of design students for their projects. We also encourage you to donate them locally to a daycare center, school, assisted living program, or worship center where they can be reimagined in their art and craft programs. If you have 25 or more samples to return, please contact customerservice …

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